Thus we enter November…
Okay, first off, updates will now be fridays only.
The first story, Last Stop, was…somewhat written unprofessionally. In my defense, I was just winging it, and blasting out 2 pages of unspecified length per week isn’t easy (not to me anyway) and while it’s not doable to make a full color page every week on the sly, I do want to raise the overal quality of the webcomic, so that means taking more time to turn out the pages.
Not to mention unpleasant life-business demanding much of my time.
So in the mean time, here’s a black and white outing, the third story, To the Pigs! It’s made to be more in tune with the full color outings, i.e. generally printable and also in terms of quality. It’s actually an older story from before the website went online, but it’s still rooted in Ghost-Heart. Hope you enjoy!