And there you have it. The first story on this website, Last Stop is now complete.
I think I did pretty okay with the monsters. We’ve had shades, ghosts, giant centipedes, a van mimic (as opposed to the more traditional treasure chest mimic) and a giant skelliewag just to name most of ‘em. We’ve even had a ghost train, which was kind of the starting point (conceptually as well as literally) for this whole shebang (although I did kind of leave the train for most of the story).
I just banged ‘em out as they came (the pages) and that means that some of ‘em are kind of…weak. Dialogue specifically I dare say, but that’s what you get when let some joe-shmoe artist write the words. Maybe I’ll revisit the damn thing and do some rewriting.

Anyway, announcement!
Next time we update, it will be October. And that means it’s time for something a little dfferent, and as such, there won’t be a running story, just a whole bunch (8 or so, I think) of one-off, full color pages, much like the flashbacks in Last Stop.

So I hope you all enjoyed the first story in what I hope will be several if not many and I hope you’join us again for the next one as well.
If you do, remember to take the good with the evil!

PS Steve Lichman vol. 2 on kickstarter yeaaaah!