About the Comic

Having decided that the web needs more spooky comics, I took matters into my own hands.

The comics featured on this site will be longer stories of undetermined length; sometimes they be few pages long, sometimes…much longer! Some characters may be recurring, others will slip into oblivion never to return.

I take inspiration from all sorts of places, the most obvious ones being of course the EC and Warren comics, but also videogames, movies, books etc.

On the side I’m hoping to make a living out of illustration, so updates may sometimes become infrequent if I get too busy. In such an event, please bear with me (and if you have a (paid) job for me, please send me an email).
Behold my portfolio http://djip.portfoliobox.me/

You can also follow me on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ghost.djip/ or tumblr http://djip-ghost-heart.tumblr.com/.

Some of my favourite movies are The Changeling(1980), ReAnimator (1985) and The Spookies (1986). Some of my favourite anime are Mononoke, Kaiji and Gaogaigar.

If you’re looking for other webcomics that are worth your time you could do much worse than Hark! A vagrant, Camp Weedonwantcha or Happle Tea.

Finally, if you feel inclined to send me an email or want to ask me a question, you may do so at djip.minderman.currylemon@gmail.com

Now don’t crap your pants if you see a vampire out there!